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Elevating skills. Empowering minds. Establishing workplaces for all.

Ellavate Charity Foundation’s mission is to champion empowerment and equity for those who have been historically excluded in the workplace through free webinars, community programs,  and research initiatives


Our efforts support economic empowerment, professional development, and powerful networking for business professionals


With a particular interest in women and People of Color, Ellavate Charity Foundation works to encourage good organizational practices by focusing on the impact of the corporate and business landscape on the experiences of historically marginalized identities.

Our Mission

Our Why

"Barriers marginalized groups face in the workplace “include impostor syndrome, FOMO (fear of missing out), minority stress, perfectionism, stereotype threat, inability to self-promote and step up, fear of failure, fear of judgment, and fear of vulnerability. Traditionally, both women and ethnic minorities are accustomed to being ignored, trivialized, and debased."

Forbes, Internal And External Challenges Faced By Women And Ethnic Minorities That Make Them More Vulnerable At Work.         

“For the eighth consecutive year, a broken rung at the first step up to manager is holding women back. For every 100 men who are promoted from entry-level roles to manager positions, only 87 women are promoted, and only 82 women of color are promoted. As a result, men significantly outnumber women at the manager level, and women can never catch up. There are simply too few women to promote to senior leadership positions.”

McKinsey, Women in the Workplace 2022

“Black individuals make up 13 percent of the U.S. population but account for only 8 percent of employees in professional roles. Black professionals hold only 3.2 percent of all executive or senior leadership roles and less than 1 percent of all Fortune 500 CEO positions."

SHRM, Barriers for Black Professionals    

According to Zippia, 70.8% of managers in the U.S. are white, while 14.4% are Latinx, 6.2% are Asian, and 6% are Black. At the executive level, Investopedia reports that the Fortune 500 has only 6 Black, 40 Asian American, and 20 Latinx CEOs.                                      

Zippia, Manager Demographics and Statistics in the U.S.

Nearly 62% of professionals of color believe that their ethnic background had played a role in missing a pay raise, promotion, key assignment, or chance to get ahead.

Forbes, Internal And External Challenges Faced By Women And Ethnic Minorities That Make Them More Vulnerable At Work.

Our Programs

Our hallmark program is Corporate Cheat Code, an initiative focused on equipping early and mid-career professionals from underrepresented backgrounds with research-based tools in the areas of power, influence, and negotiations to navigate historically exclusionary workplaces.

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